Dayforce makes the human capital management more better. It is a comprehensive, modern, and cloud HCM platform to manage the entire employee lifecycle. Whether you are an employee wanting to submit the time off or a manager needs to act on a team member’s request, Dayforce has you covered.

Through web portal, employees will have the ability to access the work information efficiently and allows to offer full attention in your job. It lets to gain the benefit of checking your schedule and earnings to requesting time away or trading shifts to setting performance goals and updating your profile.

Day force puts the total control over all of these tasks. Specifically, it can improve the work life by providing secure and on-the-go access to the information so that you can accomplish the tasks and save time at all your convenience. Dayforce Login is allowing the registered employees only that means not accessing the benefits by other people.

TypeHuman Resource Management


Dayforce HCM Login

To get access to the Dayforce Login portal, you can go through below step by step procedure which included:

  • Go to official website address from your preferred web browser.
  • Once you’ve logged into the web page, you will get to see login credentials fields including user id, company name, and password.
  • Enter the information on respective fields.
  • If you have confirmed that the provided details are valid, go to login button and get access to the benefits as well.
  • Still, if you are facing any difficulties, click on can’t access account option.

Dayforce Features

  • Global

It can easily manage all employees in one place and configure the rules based on jurisdictions.

  • Flexible

From the constraints of workplace, it lets to improve the productivity with freedom.

  • Insightful

Based on predictive technologies, it allows to better align the strategy and daily operations.

  • Intuitive

Dayforce HCM is providing a seamless experience across devices and domains.

  • Data first

It is providing right data to the right person at the right time to make better informed decisions.

  • Single Application

It is a single application which helps to manage the entire life cycle of all employees effectively.

  • Continuous pay calculation

Conventionally, payroll admins not having an ability to access their data until 18 hours after the pay period had ended. It has a single and flexible rules engine for time and pay. That means, it has been calculated the pay continuously throughout the pay period and giving administrators the time that they need to produce the high quality pay.

  • Actionable insights

It allows to get the right data to the right people at the right time. It provides critical data driven insights to employees that help you to make fast and informed decisions. Additionally, it has been embedded with sophisticated predictive technologies that help to align the business strategy with daily operations.

  • Anytime anywhere access

By using the device of your choice on web or mobile, you can able to access the portal Day force. It is easy to use and operate as well. It gives the employees full control over their data with anytime access and helps the organizations to make sure the employee information is accurate and up to date.

Employee Benefits


Through the Dayforce HR tool, you can manage the people from a single intuitive and innovative system. It lets to access the employee information whenever and wherever you require with the right insights to better manage the business.

  • Get a complete picture

Across the Day force platform, it puts all details about your people in one place from compensation to benefits and performance.

  • Gain valuable insights

Basically, it’s very critical to understand what drives your business to your success. In that case, it is really helpful for your organization to gain insights through reports, analytics and dashboards so that you can monitor the key indicators and trends such as turnover by age, location, etc.

  • Empower Employees

It allows your employees to view and manage their own data and activities directly. It is not only empowering the employees but also reduces the administrative burden on HR.

Under Day force HR solution, it has been provided other services such as dashboards, employee management, self service, reporting, and document management.

Employee Management

It is providing a single system of record that connects all of the employees at one place very easily. You can able to get a complete overview of every employee with a single system of record that is connected to the module. It lets to access the employee data at your fingertips from any module throughout the Dayforce HCM at anytime. In order to gain insights and make more informed decisions, it leverages the employee data.

  • Employee card

Day force employee card provides a comprehensive view of an employee at one place. You can click on an employee in order to view the information, direct reports, and key data. It is providing updates to the employee card is immediate and available throughout the product.

  • Integrated employee data

It allows to keep your employee information at one place and get what you need and when you need it. With the integrated employee data, you can eliminate the need to access multiple systems as you go.

  • Organizational Chart

Specifically, It helps to visually navigate the entire organizational hierarchy and provides an interactive chart to view the company structure and employee ranking easily. Relevantly, users can able to better understand the company structure and their place within it.

  • Security

It is offering role based security to users that allows to restrict the access by other people. Accordingly, it can disclose the sensitive information only to authorised users and specific roles as well.

  • Notifications

As you logging into the Dayforce Employee portal, employee change requests appear directly on home screen along with the real-time notifications.

  • Workflow Approvals

It has been tailored the approvals process to your organization. By using Day force, you can configure the workflows which reflects your specific approval processes.

  • Self Service

Through this Employee portal, you can control what information employees can update themselves, giving them autonomy, and providing updates easier, and also reducing the burden on HR.


Self Service feature empower the employees to take charge of their HCM activities that means less admin work. Basic features of self service included user friendly interface, eliminate paperwork, and improve communication. It helps to engage your entire workforce with a user experience that is easier to navigate whenever and wherever you require. It allows all employees to communicate and collaborate even without a corporate email address. In addition to these, you can complete all HR forms online by giving employees with online real-time access to view and update their information.

  • Enter and update information

It helps to create forms for capturing relevant personal, professional, and payroll tax information. If your company registered with the services of Dayforce, all of your employees can fill out the forms themselves. It will automatically update the information across the application in real time whenever a change is made to an employee’s record.

  • Set up Approvals

In order to make sure that it stays on track, authorised users can able to view and audit the progress and approval status of a workflow.

  • Information Access

It is offering role based security which helps to ensure the data privacy. So that, employees can able to set up to view and update the relevant information without exposing access to confidential data.

  • Mobile

With the use of Dayforce HCM, employees can view relevant work related data and manage a variety of tasks from their mobile device at anytime and from anywhere.

  • Automatic Updates

Automatically, an update made to the employees’ record can flow across the application seamlessly. However, there is no need for any duplicate data entry.

  • Time and Attendance

Employees can update their own availability, view schedules, clock in and out, request time off, and trade shifts. These are helpful to manage their work life balance.

  • Pay and tax

Employees will be allowed to access earnings statements and year-end tax forms from anywhere and at anytime. It is also providing self service feature which lets the employees to view and manage their personal data.

  • Benefits

At Dayforce, employees can self enroll in benefit plans to make sure that they get coverage. They can also get to view benefit summaries and provider information at anytime.


Day force Reporting feature allows to gather employee critical data to make important decisions for your business. Essentially, reporting lets to access the employee data without ever needing to leave the application. Here, the reports are embedded right onto the platform.

It leverages the data from across HCM so that you can able to create comprehensive reports which included HR, pay, time, and talent. It helps to create custom and business specific reports which are tailored to the organizational needs and also pick from the standard reports.

  • Reports in one place

With single reporting engine, you need to report on an individual area but across the entire platform. In order to make better decisions, managers and admins can gain valuable insights into your business.

  • Get standard reports

It is providing standard reports which is the starting point for customers to get valuable insights out of the platform instantly. According to the customer needs and requests, it provides a vast catalog of standard reports.

  • Create tailored reports

Through the Login portal, employees can able to create your own tailored reports that give you insights that you need to run your business. By using drag and drop option, you can initiate with a templated report or create a tailored report.

  • Notifications

When reports are ready, you will get notifications automatically . It sends the reports directly in your Dayforce Message Center.

  • OData

Dayforce OData allows to access the data via commonly used analytical tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Excel.

  • Localized

It has been generated the reports in a number of languages so key reporting can be delivered in the preferred language of specific locations where your business operates.

  • Security

Based on role security and access controls, the reports can contain sensitive and private information that can never be shared outside of designated individuals.

  • Export

It exports the reports in a wide variety of formats such as CSV, PDF, and XLS so that you can make changes and share them outside of Day force with the key stakeholders.

  • Schedule

It makes a schedule reports to autogenerate at particular times and days. The generated reports can be sent out directly to the chosen individuals for review and analysis.

Document Management

For easy storing and management of information, it keeps the information organized at one place. The key features of document management included easy access, organized, and secure. It keeps all relevant HR documents in a single location which are attached to the employee record for an instant access. With powerful search and filter capabilities, you can spend less time locating files. It helps to store HR documents securely with the restrictions to control access to personal information and sensitive employee data.

  • Centralized HR information

All of the employee documents and files can be stored in one place for easier access by removing the need to manually store and manage the documents. However, the managers can more easily locate and update the relevant employee documents.

  • Employee record access

Documents can be attached to the employee record for easier visibility. The managers can review the critical employee information and make sure that the proper documents are filled out. In order to keep the information up to date and relevant, employees will be allowed to access their own documents.

  • Control Access

Dayforce control access can be tailored so that only chosen employees can view or modify files and restricting the access to personal identifiable information.

  • Review

You can set up document reviews so the right person reviews at the right time. To help stay with compliant for privacy regulations, documents can be automatically routed to the appropriate people.

  • Filter and Search

As Day force has been incorporated with powerful search capabilities and advanced filters, it lets to find and retrieve relevant documents.


It gives the employees a peace of mind by making easier to manage the benefits.

  • Tailor Employee Benefits

Dayforce particularly providing specific benefits tailored to their profile. According to their HR information, it can present the employee with choices that apply to them.

  • Make informed decisions

It offering supporting tools which give information about each of the available benefit plans to help employees choose the best option for their specific needs.


  • Offer stability

It assures your employees that they have the coverage they need in case of emergencies and for regular health checks.

  • Adapt for life

It lets the employees to add their beneficial plans easily for accommodating their changing lifestyles.

  • Inform employees

Annual enrollment actually starts with the relevant news and updates in order to keep employees informed of company policies and options.

  • Simplify Enrollment

It makes enrollment for benefits more easier with a process that walks employees through each step. it explains employee coverage options and allows the employees to make their elections with less need for administrator help.

  • Empower with self service

Based on self service function, employees can able to make informed decisions quickly. If enrollments are completed, it allows to send automatic updates to carriers and helping to ensure that the coverage is up to date and accurate.

  • Concise plan statements

Through a summary screen, you can review the coverage as needed that provides a quick description of current enrollment details.

  • External site links

Dayforce’s enrollment process will be linked to the external benefits carrier websites which directly provide the employees with greater details about their coverage.

  • Automatic Annual Costs

Employees can make their coverage decisions and their annual costs can be updated in real time screen. So that they can make impact of their decisions instantly.

  • Life event management

The updates to life events can be made easily and directly within the benefits module that automatically updates employee HR records, remove the extra steps, and paperwork.

  • Mobile Access

By using Dayforce HCM Mobile App, you can view current benefit elections and historical confirmation statements so that you can able to manage the benefits at anytime and from anywhere.

Benefits Administration

It allows to create a culture of wellness with a wide range of benefit options that are tailored to organizational specific needs. Benefits Administration can able to view a quick overview of each employee’s elections whenever they require. It lets to get real time access to enrollment totals and premium costs to review easily at anytime and stay on target. It is offering people with the greatest variety of coverage options with various plans to meet the needs.

  • Simple Elections Management

It allows to get a single screen for managing coverage for employees, beneficiaries, and their dependents. You can view the direct financial impact different plans and options have on employees in real-time as they enroll.

  • Broad range of qualifiers

By using Day force’s robust library of qualifiers, it helps to define the eligibility rules to apply to plans, rates, options, enrollments, and taxation parameters. With the several parameters, eligibility qualifiers and calculations will be calculated.

  • Extensive reporting

To manage the benefits, it lets to access all the necessary reports and understand facts and metrics around all employee enrollments.

  • Quick profile access

On behalf of employees, administrators can make elections through the configurable role security privileges.

  • COBRA Management

It is offering qualifying event and managing notification details to COBRA Management when coverage ends.

  • Integration with carriers

For easy set up and maintenance, Dayforce HCM provides hundreds of pre-configured and supported benefits carriers.

Talent Management

Talent Management feature allows to develop the people from hire to retire and at every stage along the way.

  • Attract and onboard top talent

Employees are playing a key role in every organization’s success. Accordingly, you can easily identify, attract, and hire the best and brightest people. It lets to find the perfect people and hit the ground running with a more seamless transition from candidate to employee.

  • Align and develop employees

By making alignment of your workforce around organizational goals, you can keep your culture more strong. It supports the people’s development with continuous learning and equip them with the skills to achieve their goals, keep your business competitive, and rapidly adapt.

  • Reward and retain employees

Dayforce is making more meaningful decisions about your workforce. You can use data and insights to reward and retain the top talent. Using these Dayforce tools, you can measure performance, build stronger teams, and proactively prevent turnover.


Dayforce is attracting and hiring the best and brightest candidates and do it faster. You can get a broader reach for job postings, social sharing capabilities, and a candidate friendly application process.

  • Find the right fit

It expedites the recruiting process with Day force’s ranking, screening, and filtering options so that recruiters and hiring managers can focus in on qualified candidates.

  • Reduce the time to Hire

Day force is shortening and streamline the hiring cycle. It removes the manual processes, provide visibility to the whole hiring team, and leverage application data.

  • Job Requisition Management

It empowers your recruiting team to zero-in on the best place. To compare the candidates and detect the right skills and potential, you can make use of job requisition management. By communicating with the hire team collaboratively, you can fill out the positions as well.

  • Simple application process

It lets to create a positive and engaging candidate experience. Here, the application process is more easier for candidates while gathering important profile information. However, candidates can easily create a profile and apply for a job in five easier steps.

  • Grow a talent pool

From a community of past and current candidates, you can easily find out the top talent for open positions. In order to find the best matches, you can easily use extensive search and filtering options.

  • Pre-screening questions

You can focus on your qualified candidates by using knockout questions and response scoring. It leverages the criteria and automatically ranks the candidates.

  • Embedded portal

Dayforce allows to embedding the candidate profile on your website through which candidates can easily search and apply for specific roles.